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Tuck away the smarter way.

Tuck away
the smarter way.

Made to Match.

Have an aesthetic in mind? Clever Cube offers a range of textures and Cube configurations to bring your décor together. And our Inserts range lets you store away those toys and shoes for easy access while making a statement piece. Premium fabrics, or natural Timber, they’ll harmonise with furnishings old and new.

The Range

Clever Cube

The Clever Cube Range is a fantastic alternative to traditional storage solutions and can be used in a myriad of locations such as home, office, children’s playroom, lounge, study or bathroom! The range is available in a variety of sizes and can be complimented with an extensive range of regular and premium inserts.


Clever Cube Inserts

The Clever Cube Inserts range fits in any Clever Cube unit and is perfect for storing clothes, books, toys, or anything else that needs to be tucked away and retrieved with ease.


Clever Cube Compact

The Clever Cube Compact Range is ideal for storage and decoration around the home. Pair it with our wide range of inserts to customise your look and for added functionality. Available in a number of configurations and sizes to suit all needs, the simple components offer mix and match options that are efficient and appealing.


Clever Cube Compact Inserts

Bring home endless storage possibilities with Clever Cube Compact Fabric Inserts. These inserts fit any Clever Cube Compact unit and are ideal for storage of toys, books, clothing and more. Featuring a light yet sturdy fabric construction you can use them alone, on shelves or with a Clever Cube Compact unit; they are as good-looking as they are functional.