Modular & Flexible
Storage Solution

the easy-to-build strip & bracket system that is truly versatile

Easy To Build Strip & Bracket System

Based on a wall mounted strip system, the Home Solutions range is suitable for use in your wardrobe, laundry, pantry, home office, hobby room and more. Customisable with baskets, frames and other accessories, Home Solutions is easy to adapt as your needs change.

The Range

Double Slot System

The Double Slot Wall Strip & Bracket system is a versatile wall-mounted strip and bracket system that can be completely customised to suit your needs; the ideal option if you’re looking for a completely customisable storage solution. It is perfect for the home, office, bathroom, kid’s room, garage, shed or kitchen.


Double Slot Accessories

The Double Slot Accessories range can be used to completely customise your system to meet your current requirements, as well as being easily adapted when your needs change. The Accessories Range comprises Hanging Rods, Wire Shelving, Sliding Frames, Drawers, Pegboards, Tote Boards, Tray Shelves and more.


Single Slot System

The Single Slot Wall Strip and Single Bracket system is our most economical wall-mounted storage system and is the ideal option if you’re looking for a little more space. It is perfect for the home, office, bathroom, kid’s room, garage, shed or kitchen.


Frames, Connectors & Baskets

Our Frames, Connectors & Baskets combines to provide you with a free-standing storage system that can be combined in many different ways and easily adapts to your everchanging space needs.


Space Savers & Organisers

Triple your storage space with our range of reusable Vacuum Storage Bags and use our range of Hanging Organisers to help declutter and organise your wardrobe.


Timber Shelves

Our Timber Shelving range is great for storage or decoration. An easy-to-install, lightweight, sophisticated and stylish range of shelving that’s perfect for home, office, and anywhere else you have walls.


Hang Tracks & Covers

Flexi Storage Home Solutions System Installed

Hang Tracks

Hang Tracks are the starting foundation of the Home Solutions range. Hang Tracks are designed for Double Slot Wall Strips to mount into. Once you set your Hang Tracks level, simply screw into place and begin hanging the strips. Hang Tracks come in lengths of 667mm to 1800mm and are available in White and Black.

Flexi Storage White Hang Isolated
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Hang Track Covers

Use Hang Track Covers as a spacer to set Wall Strips apart. This will ensure the Wall Strips are the correct distance apart for accessories to be added.

Flexi Storage Home Solutions Hang Track Cover isolated
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Wall Strips

Flexi Storage Home Solutions System Installed

Wall Strips

Double Slot Wall Strips clip into the Hang Tracks and come in lengths of 300mm to 2133mm. Made of durable powder coated steel, Double Slot Wall Strips are designed for Double Brackets to slot into. You can use Wall Strip Joiners to extend the length of the strips. Available in White and Black.

Flexi Storage Home Solutions Double Slot Wall Strip isolated
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Drawers & Baskets

Flexi Storage Home Solutions System Installed

Wire & Mesh Baskets

The Wire Baskets & Frame range can be combined in many different ways and can easily be adapted to individual needs and space requirements.

Flexi Storage Home Solutions Wire Baskets and Frames isolated
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Drawer Units

Wire Baskets & Frames and Drawer Units are designed to be a free-standing system that can also be combined with Wall Strips & Brackets. Being free-standing, it is the perfect option for rental homes or people wanting a flexible, less permanent solution.

Flexi Storage Home Solutions Single Drawer Unit Isolated
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Flexi Storage Home Solutions System Installed

Wire Shelving

Wire Shelves can be hung using our Wire Shelf Brackets in any room. Made from strong, bonded steel, they are chip resistant and allow excellent air circulation.

Flexi Storage Home Solutions Wire Shelf isolated
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Timber Shelving

For a more solid look and feel, our Timber Shelving is the perfect choice and is available in a variety of depths. Perfect for bedrooms, laundries, pantries or even garages.

Flexi Storage Home Solutions Timber Shelf isolated
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Hanging Rods

Flexi Storage Home Solutions System Installed

Hanging Rods

Hanging Rods come in 24mm diameter and are made from quality stainless steel. Hanging Rods are available in either solid or telescopic versions ranging from 660mm to 2400mm in length.

Flexi Storage Home Solutions Hanging Rod and Bracket isolated
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Pants Rack

Flexi Storage Home Solutions System Installed

Sliding Pants Rack

The Sliding Pants Rack has been engineered to fit up to 8 pairs of pants. The unique sliding rail mechanism allows you to completely slide out the rack for easy access.

Flexi Storage Home Solutions Sliding Pants Rack isolated
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Flexi Storage Home Solutions System Installed


We have a wide variety of accessories available, from Peg Boards and Tote Boards to Shoe Racks and Drawer Units. With our Home Solutions system, the possibilities are truly endless.

Flexi Storage Home Solutions Accessories isolated
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All Too Hard?
Grab A Starter Kit!

Our boxed kits create up to 4.5 metres of shelving and are the perfect way to start your Home Solutions System. Your system can be increased in size and added to, with a variety of accessories for a truly tailor-made solution. Our kits come complete with all fixings and attachments. All you need to do is install the system.

  • No cutting required!
  • Fixings included
  • Available in White
  • Suits all wardrobe types
  • You can add on accessories or further expand our kits by adding extra shelving and Hanging Rods
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